Breakfast, lunch and dinner…all are ideal times for a good sausage. However, what makes a good sausage? Of course, personal preference is a major factor but there are a few basics that you should consider; meat content, water and bread content, flavouring and price.

Meat content
The hight the meat content of the sausage the less water, fat and bread there will be. Perfick Pork use 85% pork in sausages. The meat comes from the shoulder, one of the more flavoursome cuts of pork. The shoulder contains a good amount of well-distributed soluble fat. This is fat that melts when cooked. Fat is required in sausages to keep them bound together otherwise they would crumble and fall part when cooked.

Water and bread
Some sausages split and shrink when they’re cooked. This is a sign of too much water and bread. All sausages contain some water and either bread or rusk. These help to bind the sausage meat.  Perfick Pork uses rusk in sausages and have tried and tested our basic recipres to reduce the amount of splitting and shrinkage you get. There is nothing worse than buying some lovely plump sausages for the BBQ only to see them reduce to the size of a cocktail sausage by the time they’re cooked. Too much water also tends to make sausages spit and on the BBQ, this normally causes unwanted flames and burn sausages.

Whether it’s a plain pork and herb sausage, pork & leek, chilli & garlic or for something more adventurous black pudding & strawberry jam; the flavour of you prefer in your sausage is down to personal preference and the meal you’re eating. The plain pork and herb sausage is ideal for breakfast whilst the chilli & garlic is ideal for a spicy, zingy BBQ. The Perfick Surprise with a combination of bacon, red onion, liver and pepper is worth a try for an alternative breakfast sausage, whilst the red onion marmalade sausage is delicious party food for BBQ’s.

Whatever your preference in sausage, you buy what you can afford. Whilst many people find the local butchers more expensive than the choice you’ll find in the supermarket, this isn’t sometimes the case and we found that Perfick Pork sausages are priced at a similar price to the deluxe/butchers choice ranges you’ll find in the big four supermarkets.