Your local butcher v your local supermarket – a price comparison

It’s probably public perception that butchers offer a better quality, fresher meat than you’ll find in the supermarket. However, it’s probably true that many people believe it is also a lot more expensive. However, in our case that isn’t always the case. There are of course always cheaper options you can find in a supermarket, like Wall’s Sausages or frozen pork chops. I would agree that there are some butchers that are expensive, a customer in our shop recently told me he spent £15 on 2 small rib eye steaks. That is expensive.

We don’t believe we are expensive and the comparison below proves we are an extremely viable alternative with much better quality you’ll find from a supermarket.

Price per kilo (unless pack price stated)
TescoSainsbury’sPerfick pork
Pack of 6 sausages£3.39£3.29£3.00
Pack of bacon (500g)*£4.00£4.00**£4.99
Pork shoulder joints£6.00£5.99£5.20
Pork loin£8.99£8.00£6.98
Pork tenderloin£10.00£11.99£11.40
Beef rump steak£16.00£17.00£12.95
Fillet steak£30.00£30.00£26.95
Leg of lamb£11.00£11.99£10.98

Prices taken from each website on 25th June 2014. Where possible we have compared supermarket butchers counter prices.
* Comparing bacon was difficult as neither Tesco nor Sainsbury’s had an own brand cured, smoked back bacon. For both companies, their bacon was just smoked.
** Price for 450g

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