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Our latest sausage flavour

Whether it’s Marmite Easter eggs, chicken tikka lasagne or bacon jam, ‘food mash-ups’ are the latest trend to hit our dinner plates and screens.  A trend highlighted recently on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch where TV chef Simon Rimmer cooked an onion bahji scotch egg!  Here at Perfick Pork we are no strangers to an ‘odd [...]

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New popular cut of pork

Most people are familiar with the rack of lamb, but the rack of pork is something we’ve been asked for several times in our shop and even some of our restaurants are also asking for the rack of pork. The cut comes from the pork loin. The loin is located along the back of the [...]

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Sausage Rolls

Sausage rolls are a real favourite at Christmas and at this time of year we see a big increase in demand for sausage meat, both from retailers & restaurants and the customers in our shop. My preference for the perfect sausage rolls is to combine the sausage meat with a finely chopped onion and half [...]

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Alternative Christmas Dinners

Turkey is the obvious choice for most when it comes to planning Christmas dinner. But for many, people aren’t keen on turkey and complain of it being dry. In honesty, this is most probably because it is either not a fresh bird or it has been over cooked. Our Luxury Christmas Hamper includes a fresh [...]

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How do you make crackling?

We’re asked so many times, “how do you make crackling”?  The answer is this: Make sure the fat is well scored on top of the joint of pork. Ask your butcher to do this, or if you’ve purchased a joint of pork from your local supermarket and it hasn’t been scored, be very careful and [...]

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Making the perfick sausage

We were the very proud winners once again of the 2014 Great British Sausage Week competition. This time we were part of the Midlands region and entered our Classic and Mediterranean sausages with the latter taking the crown. We were awarded a national gold medal for the Classic. One of the comments I heard about [...]

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Great British Sausage Week 2014 Winners

   We are very proud to announce that Perfick Pork have won the Great British Sausage Week competition (Midlands Region) for the second year running. This year we entered both the Perfick Classic and the Mediterranean sausages; both were awarded a national Gold Award, but it was the Mediterranean that went on to click the winner of the [...]

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The versatility of pork

In an economy where food prices have been increasing significantly over the past few years, meat has become one of the more expensive items in our baskets. Beef and lamb have increased so significantly many people now view steak or a leg of lamb as a luxury. Yet pork has not seen such increases and [...]

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Sausages come from Mars, ham comes from venus!

We want to help educate not only our customers but the general public, and, to show that sausages and ham don't just come from plastic containers in a supermarket, we've drawn up a pork map which illustrates where the various common and "not-so-common" cuts of meat come from. From this you can start to see [...]

Cuts of pork

Pork is extremely versatile with many cuts of meat offering extremely cost effective meal options from breakfast to dinner. Our pork map helps you identify where your sausages, bacon and pork chops actually come from. 1. Leg/Ham Roast leg of pork Cooked ham* Sliced ham* Gammon joints* Gammon steaks* Serrano Ham* Procuitto Ham* Parma [...]

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