Cuts of pork

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Cuts of pork

Pork is extremely versatile with many cuts of meat offering extremely cost effective meal options from breakfast to dinner. Our pork map helps you identify where your sausages, bacon and pork chops actually come from.

1. Leg/Ham
Roast leg of pork
Cooked ham*
Sliced ham*
Gammon joints*
Gammon steaks*
Serrano Ham*
Procuitto Ham*
Parma Ham*
Black Forest Ham
(German cured and smoked ham)

2. Loin of pork
Roasting joint
Loin steaks
Pork tenderloin
Pork chops
Back bacon

3. Belly pork
Belly joint
Belly slices
Streaky bacon
Belly wheels
King ribs

4. Spare ribs ideal for BBQ

5. Shoulder of pork
Slow roasting joint
Pulled pork
Ribe-eye steaks
Cured collar bacon

6. Blade of pork
Slow roasting joint
Smoking on BBQ

7. Picnic shoulder or hand of pork
Pulled pork
Lean diced pork

8. Pigs cheeks

9. Pigs ears
Pork scratchings

10. Rear of loin
Pork rump steaks

11. Hock
Slow roasts

12. Trotters

13. Kidney & Liver

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