Alternative Christmas Dinners

Turkey is the obvious choice for most when it comes to planning Christmas dinner. But for many, people aren’t keen on turkey and complain of it being dry. In honesty, this is most probably because it is either not a fresh bird or it has been over cooked. Our Luxury Christmas Hamper includes a fresh Norfolk Black turkey and you can’t get a better bird for your Christmas dinner.

As you can imagine, having a butchers shop next door is for a child, like having a sweet shop next door; and last year we were lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful fillet of beef. This year, however, we’re going to enjoy a nice joint of pork. Although, we’re not absolutely sure which cut we’re going to have…loin, shoulder, leg or belly…what a nice problem to have!

View our Christmas Hampers, or if you would like to know more about making a pork joint special this Christmas, please contact us.

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