The versatility of pork

In an economy where food prices have been increasing significantly over the past few years, meat has become one of the more expensive items in our baskets. Beef and lamb have increased so significantly many people now view steak or a leg of lamb as a luxury. Yet pork has not seen such increases and still offers consumers good value for money. Sausages, gammon, chops, pork rump steaks and loin steaks offer excellent evening meals for the week, bacon is ideal for breakfast on Saturday morning leaving either the shoulder, tenderloin, leg, loin or belly for a Sunday roastā€¦unless it’s summer of course, and then you can spoilt yourself with a rack of ribs on the BBQ!

Here are a couple of recipes we enjoy for you to try.

Pork tenderloin wrapped in pancetta
Pork tenderloin with prunes and apple juice

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