Is buying meat online safe?

Buying meat online – the easy, convenient way to buy great value, high quality fresh meat

Online shopping is nothing new; although the number of online sales of fresh meat has been slow off the mark in comparison to other products. However, this is changing.

At Perfick Pork we can assure you your meat will arrive at your home as fresh and as cool as if you had just popped to your local supermarket.

Firstly packaging – we use thick polystyrene cases with Sorba-freeze; re-useable cool pads which allow us to keep the meat cold for 48 hours. These are then packed into cardboard boxes for an added layer of insulation. The images above illustrate how are meat is securely packed.

You may ask “what happens if it takes longer than 48 hours to deliver by meat?”.  All our meat is despatched using an overnight courier so the meat will be delivered within 24 hours of leaving our shop. Also, we only despatch meat between Monday and Thursday. This avoids any meat sitting in warehouses over the weekend.

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