What meat is used to make sausages?

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What meat is used to make sausages?

The amount of meat found in your sausage will determine the taste and quality of your sausage. The lower the meat content, the more the sausage needs to be filled with bread, water, waster process meat and other items I wouldn’t like to mention. At Perfick Pork we have a high 85% meat content using only shoulder of pork.

We use shoulder because the meat is extremely flavoursome. For those who love pulled pork sandwiches, it is the shoulder that is mainly used for the pulled pork. The reason we use the shoulder is that in order to bind a suasage and keep it from splitting and crumbling we need a certain amount of fat. The fat in the shoulder of pork is soluble and  evenly distributed throughout the meat.  When you cook your sausage, the fat starts to break down. As the fat melts, it bastes the meat and flavourings and leaves your sausage tasting incredibly moist. This is one of the reasons we recommend cooking some sausages in a frying pan over a low heat as it lengthens the process of fat breakdown and makes your sausage even more flavoursome.

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