Fillet Tails on Tiger Bread

1 Beef Fillet Tail
1 Loaf of Tiger Breaf
1 Red or White Onion
Worcester Sauce

This is a great lunchtime treat to enjoy with the friends and family. The beef fillet can be described in two sections; the rounder, larger centre cuts and the tapering end – this is known as the fillet tail.

Take the tail section and season well with salt & pepper. Leave for 15-30 minutes before cooking.

Chop 1 white or red onion into strips.

Heat a tablespoon of oil either in a griddle or large frying pan and place the fillet tail in the pan. Sear on all sides to seal the meat. Continue frying the meat for another 5 minutes. Remove the fillet and leave to rest. Add the onions to the pan and fry until soft. After 2 minutes add a glug of Worcester sauce to the onions. Shake the pan to ensure all the onions are coated.

Cut your tiger loaf into thick slices (we cut ours at 25mm or 1 thick slices).

Cut the fillet into long think strips and place a few onto the bread. Once the onions are cooked, place a small pile on top of the fillet tails. Finish by drizzling the sauce mixed with the beef juices over the fillet tails and bread. Perfick!


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