Mr M Carter. 4th June 2015

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Mr M Carter. 4th June 2015

Well I could not wait for your email so was on the phone this morning to be assured that minimum meat content was 85% in the sausages. So with that in mind we set off on the jolly jaunt over from Terrington.

Now we want a butchers that
a) Employs staff who know what they are doing.
b) Sells meat that is not rotten.
c) Preferably raises their own animals.
d) If they buy in buys in local (preferably from a friend)
e) Is competitively priced.
f) Is good quality.
g) Goes out of their way to help customers choose an alternative if what they want is not available.
h) If something is available and not prepared they will prepare it for you.
i) Can cut steak.
j) Is friendly and chatty.
k) Are in premises you want to return to.

A through to K you were spot on. Now our lunch comprised of Pancetta, a slice of black pudding and a goose egg from the egg shop along the A148.

The Pancetta (like any good bacon) did not turn into something resembling a shreddy swimming in a lake of washing up liquid. The black pudding required firm pressure on the knife to slice, unlike the pale imitations sold in not so supermarkets. Now the taste, the cure was evident, but not chemically, slightly sweet but the oak smoke was foremost. Delicious. The black pudding was slightly peppery but deliciously crumbly when cooked.

The pork. Pork is notoriously full of water and other additives when purchased from unscrupulous and profit hungry mega stores. This pork is a revelation to anybody who thinks that meat is raised in plastic tubs in supermarket display cabinets. It is moist, succulent and with a flavour unlike any pork I have ever eaten. Rich, broad, mouth filling, no trace of chemicals and it also does not have any added chemicals to stabilise or preserve or bulk it up. It falls apart when you try and lift it out of the tin (we roast our chops) and as a bonus present it leaves you with some nice pork dripping. It also fills you up.

The sausages deserve an entire book of their own, not over spiced, these succulent meat cylinders also cook nicely in the oven. But unlike the attempts by our previous supplier, the sausage simply cooks, it does not exude any fat or other liquids (do not ask, the last lot of sausages we had from our previous supplier of meat were a travesty that defied description and eating). The high meat content is evident from cutting, they do not feel slimy in the mouth and there is little to no shrinkage, so a pound of sausages from you means a pound of sausages to eat!

In short your shop does what it says in the name, Perfick Pork, but also brilliant beef!

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